Life In The Thaw; Business Survival in Covid 19

Business opportunities arise when restrictions ease. Our in-depth Playbook shows how getting your organisation fighting fit prepares you for opportunities and how business can survive in Covid 19. Ready for 'The Thaw'?
New growth as the thaw begins - a metaphor for the end of the pandemic

Our First Business Pandemic Playbook was delivered at a time of great uncertainty. How bad was the virus, and the economic downturn going to be? For some businesses, so far so good. For others, things are on a knife edge.

The book is a response to questions the experts are getting daily. Key ‘watch outs’ and explanations include:

  • Preference claims
  • the damage to your business from Zombie companies
  • Director Liability
  • getting debts paid and collected
  • keeping an eye out for good opportunities.

Download Pandemic Business Playbook 2

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Any or all of these reasons for business owners with a Pty Ltd company who:

  • have closed or are likely to close their business without any money left 
  • cannot afford $15,000 but want to place their company into liquidation  
  • want to do the right thing and inform their creditors properly about the business closing down 
  • want to draw a line in the sand so they can get on with their future.

If you have personal assets you want to protect, like a family home or director’s guarantees, this may not be for you, but you should ask us.

Cheryl Stainsby

Cheryl is a Director’s Advocate specialising in Crisis Management; Business Health Checks, Asset Protection and Exit Strategy  Find out more or Email Cheryl.

Niall Coburn

Niall Coburn

Niall is a Litigator, Prosecutor and Corporate Investigator. Find out more or Email Niall.

Bruce Pasetti portrait photo

Bruce Pasetti

Bruce Pasetti is the ‘go-to’ for actions for Windup (or to defend companies and directors against similar actions). Bruce is a Solicitor with over 20 years legal and specialist Insolvency experience. Find our more or Email Bruce.

Stuart Craig

Stuart is a Business Transformation Specialist and Certified Practicing Accountant, specialising in business turnaround and restructure, business management and business ownership transfer. Find out more or Email Stuart.

James Flaherty

James Flaherty

James is a business consultant and accountant. He specialises in sales and marketing for the business and finance sectors. Find out more or Email James.


Ginette Muller

Ginette is a Business Crisis Advisor and Accountant specialising in Safe Harbour, refinancing, litigation funding, restructure and business crisis advice. Find out more or  Email Ginette.